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News, Q&A, and Opinion.

I am thinking about starting a public forum where individuals interested in learning more about emerging issues around toxic chemicals can write to me with their questions from which I would select some of the more topical ones and answer them. In addition, I would use this forum to link to contemporary and relevant news from around the world on public health and environmental issues (see some examples below). From time to time, I would also publish a short opinion piece on a toxicology, chemical policy, or public/environmental health topic I find interesting.

Before I develop this forum, I'd like some feedback from those of you visiting my website. If you have a moment, please fill out and submit the questionnaire below so I might better gauge your interest in such a forum. Thanks.

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I am looking for feedback on whether you would like me to sponsor and manage a forum on hot topics in toxicology, public health, and the environment. Please check all that apply: